Custom Crafted Art

Customized Art

Award winning artist, Ricky Dean, transforms your favorite photo into a masterfully hand painted canvas.

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Free Design Consultation

Ricky Dean will help you select the best images for conversion and the best finishing options to meet your specific interior design needs.


Free Unlimited Enhancement Revision

Ricky Dean will continue to modify the enhancements on your image until you are 100% thrilled with every square inch.


100% Museum Quality

Each artwork isn’t complete until it meets Ricky Dean’s high standard of excellence.


Award Winning Artist

Unlike art mills that use anonymous unknown artist, your art is crafted by award winning artist, Ricky Dean Wyrick.


Certificate of Authenticity

Each canvas includes a certificate authenticating the art was hand painted by Ricky Dean himself.


Satisfaction Garantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your art, I’ll make it right or return your investment.

The Process

Submit a photo

Ricky Dean can use almost any picture. Simply submit your favorite image along with your contact information so he can begin turning your photo into a beautiful painting. No deposit is required to start the process and you are under no obligation to buy. You won’t be invoiced until after you approve the digital proof.

Professional Photographer Wholesale Program

Ricky Dean collaborates with professional photographers. His wholesale program often enables your photographer to pass savings on to you. Be sure to ask your photographer to contact Ricky Dean to find out more about the wholesale program.

Enhance & Edit

Ricky Dean utilizes professional software such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to digitally enhance and edit your submitted image. This can include combining multiple images into one, removing unwanted elements, or replacing the background of your picture with something completely different. Ricky Dean can masterfully alter the source image to meet the overall design strategy.

Under Painting

Ricky Dean uses a graphic pen and software to hand paint several under-paintings. The graphic pen enables him to digitally redraw your painting directly onto the screen.

Merge & Paint

Ricky Dean merges the under-paintings and digitally paints the final layer to finish the completed digital proof.

Review & Revise

The digital proof is sent to you or your photographer so that concerns can be identified and fixed before the canvas is crafted. There is no limit to this revision process. However, multiple revisions can lengthen the time it takes to complete the finished artwork.


You or your photographer will receive an electronic invoice which must be paid prior to the completion of your artwork.

Canvas is crafted

The approved digital proof is printed, using an eight color printing process, on a museum quality canvas. It is then crafted by hand into a 1 ΒΌ ready to hang image wrapped canvas. Framing is optional, and can be completed by a third party at a later time or arranged during the creation process at an additional cost. A light weight backing board is inserted behind the canvas to prevent sagging and shifting, increasing the overall longevity of the art.

Acrylic Paint

Ricky Dean uses traditional hand painting techniques to apply high-quality acrylic paint, adding vibrancy to the color in the art.

Acrylic gel

Ricky Dean applies a final finish of acrylic gel, protecting the art from dust, dirt, light scratches and UV light.

Certificate of Authenticity

Ricky Dean carefully examines every inch of the canvas to verify that it meets his high expectation of quality. He then hand signs your certificate of authenticity verifying that your art is a genuine Ricky Dean Original.


The art is carefully packaged and quickly shipped to you or your photographer.

Discounts may be available when collaborating with a participating professional photographer. Please have your photographer contact Ricky Dean to see if they qualify for the wholesale program.


Custom Art Pricing

Not all images have the same ratio dimensions. This can affect how an image is composed or cropped to fit within a specific area. So instead of trying to squeeze the image into a specific dimension, Ricky Dean prefers to examine the finished proof and recommend the most complementary dimension for your canvas so that it fits perfectly within the dimensions of the frame.


Hand Painted Canvas
  • Small canvases are usually 12×18, 12×16, 12×12 or 11×14
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Hand Painted Canvas
  • Medium canvases are usually 16×24, 16×20 or 16×16
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Hand Painted Canvas
  • Large canvases are usually 20×30, 20×24, 20×20 or 18×24
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Hand Painted Canvas
  • X-Large canvases are usually 24×36, 24×30 or 24×24
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